Creative Contracting Vocational, Inc. (CCV)

Is a non-profit, 501c (3) organization within the state of North Carolina, who's goal is to support the Charlotte community, as well as men who have recently been released from incarceration.​ ​ Our key objective is to develop an exceptional vocation training program and transitional residence; that will allow the program attendees and residents to achieve the highest level of success set out for them.

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Creative Contracting Vocational, Inc. was founded with the mission of offering necessary services to reintegrate formerly incarcerated men to our community. Our board of directors are dedicated to the mission of creating a safe, encouraging environment creating opportunities for wellness, employment, life skills training, and housing for men in transition. For our residents to thrive in and grow in their integration into society, just as a tree has many branches, each staff member is an integral part of building the tree of opportunity and independence.


Meet The Team


Taronda Carson

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Taronda Carson, Board President / Chief Executive Officer: She is a thoughtful leader and a visionary force of our management team, having been a life time resident of Charlotte and 30 years of business. Ms. Carson performs the duties instrumental in facilitating business growth and the successful operations as a president who has given over 20 years of service in business and entrepreneurial roles. 


Ronald Carson

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Ronald Carson, Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer, Board Member: Mr. Carson arrived to his role as a member of our board though a journey of personal struggles as well as impressive service to our country through his military career and business accomplishments. Mr. Carson is a valuable contributor to our organization in advisement and mentoring based on his experience in the Air Force and commercial construction trades. He is an honorably discharged Air Force Veteran, followed by twenty years of service in the corporate community in the specialty of sales, followed by seventeen years of entrepreneurship as a building contractor in the North Carolina community.